Novel Membrane Materials and Methods for Gas Separation

Background Current methods for CO2 removal are not only very expensive but also cause large losses of gas and the use toxic chemicals. Furthermore, most polymer membranes used for purification are more permeable to small molecules (e.g. H2) than to larger molecules (e.g. CO2). Less permeability then requires costly repressurization of the valuable small molecule streams.

Invention Description This invention relates to the discovery of a new series of polymeric materials, cross-linked polyethylene oxide (XLPEO), as gas separation membranes to selectively remove acid or polar gases from mixtures with light gases. Permeability and selectivity can be engineered by using different membrane polymer matrices.


Stable membrane Separation properties persist upon exposure to high pressures of CO2 or other gas components. Polymeric materials have excellent separation performance. Plasticization has a minimal to positive effect on these membranes. Saves energy


Series of cross-linked polymeric materials used Addition of nanoparticles in rubbery polymer increases permeability, which in turn reduces the membrane area and/or driving force (i.e. costs)
Polymeric materials are photopolymerized Separation performance optimized at lower temperatures Pressure swing adsorption Amine absortion

Market Potential/Applications A broad range of markets can benefit from both the improvements and the reduction in cost that is offered by this technology. These markets include hydrogen production, medical device use, advanced materials and drug delivery.

Development Stage Proof of concept

IP Status One U.S. patent application filed

UT Researcher Benny D. Freeman, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin Haiqing Lin, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin Scott T. Matteucci, B.S., Chemical Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin

OTC Contact Information , Licensing Associate


Type of Offer: Licensing

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