Software to Record Auditory Event-Related Potentials

Background Existing software that acquires event-related potentials from human subjects is mostly custom written by the user and not commercially available. Those that are commercially available only operate on specific hardware and only offer a single method for data evaluation.

Invention Description This software application measures acoustic signals presented in neuroelectric responses and records them from the scalp using the oddball paradigm. The physiological responses are averaged over a series of trials in a variety of ways that can be specified for different purposes. The resulting "brain waves" are thought to reflect the neurological processes underlying cognitive processes such as attention, memory, vigilance, etc. The software may also be modified to operate using a wide variety of data acquisition hardware.


Better data precision Multiple data evaluation options Used in a variety of hardware


Uses "oddball paradigm"

Market Potential/Applications Software application can be used to acquire other types of auditory evoked potentials in both clinical and research environments.

UT Researcher Dan C. Jones, MLIS, Communication Sciences And Disorders, The University of Texas at Austin Craig A. Champlin, Ph.D., Communication Sciences and Disorders, The University of Texas at Austin

Type of Offer: Licensing

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