A New Tumor Suppressor Gene

A new tumor suppressor gene, HIC-1, has been found. Abnormal DNA methylation of a CpG island, which includes this gene, was found in breast, brain, renal, lung, colon cancer and leukemias. In low-grade astrocytomas, 100% of tumors showed abnormal methylation of the CpG island in this new gene. 75% of high-grade brain tumors had this change, suggesting another route of glioblastoma formation, which by passes methylation and low-grade stage. The CpG island was found to be methylated in 83% of colon tumors and even adenomas demonstrated methylation, indicating that it may be an early stage marker for transformation or tumor progression. 50% of renal tumors and six-tested breast cancer cell lines showed abnormal methylation of the CpG island. In colon, brain and renal cancers, the CpG island methylation was shown to precede both 17p allelic loss and p53 gene mutations.

US 5,756,668

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