New Inhibitor of Rotavirus

An anti-diarrheic product comprises a foodstuff and an anti-rotaviral agent such as human defatted fat globule membranes, the human milk macromolecular fraction, the milk mucin complex, the 46 Kd apparent MW glycoprotein, a polypeptide having the rotavirus-binding specificity of the 46 Kd apparent MW HMFG glycoprotein, or mixtures thereof, and optionally skim milk, curd, and/or whey. The product of the invention is provided also as an anti-diarrheal kit, with instructions for its use. the product of the invention has therapeutic and prophylactic application for inhibiting the onset of, or countering, rotavirus infection and/or diarrhea, in a subject, such as for example, infants and children (infantile gasteroenteritis), travellers, and immunodeficient persons, including HIV positive and transplant patients.

US 5,667,797
US 5,505,955

Type of Offer: Licensing

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