Molecular Assemblies as Protective Barriers and Adhesion Promotion Interlayer

U.S. Patent 5,487,792

Technology Description A protective diffusion barrier having adhesive qualifies for metalized surfaces is provided by a passivating agent having the formula HS--(CH.sub.2).sub.11 --COOH Which forms a very dense, transparent organized molecular assembly or layer that is impervious to water, alkali, and other impurities and corrosive substances that typically attack metal surfaces.

Interested in this Technology?
See the full U.S. Patent for this technology. NREL is looking for an organization to develop and commercialize this innovative technology. Interested organizations may consider developing/commercializing this technology through a license agreement, Cooperative Research Agreement, or Work for Others agreement. Please contact Richard Bolin at (303) 275-3028 for licensing, CRADA, and Work for Others opportunities.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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