Shallow Melt Apparatus for Semicontinuous Czochralski Crystal Growth

U.S. Patent 6,984,263

Technology Description The present invention relates to growing crystals without encountering the problems normally associated with conventional Czochralski crystal growth of: strong melt convection that causes deteriorated crystal quality, constantly changing thermal conditions; segregation causing non-uniformity in dopant concentrations; a slow growth rate and an uncontrollable interface shape; slow turn around between crystal ingots; and significant loss of feedstock materials if a growth run fails. The invention eliminates the foregoing problems through the use of a shallow melt with a heat shield and an interface heater-heat sink to overcome microdefects, stress management and defect minimization, swift turnaround between crystal ingots, and the saving of feedstock materials through the use of a double barrier that offsets connecting holes for replenishing the melt.

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See the full U.S. Patent for this technology. NREL is looking for an organization to develop and commercialize this innovative technology. Interested organizations may consider developing/commercializing this technology through a license agreement, Cooperative Research Agreement, or Work for Others agreement. Please contact Richard Bolin at (303) 275-3028 for licensing, CRADA, and Work for Others opportunities.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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