Preparation of Brightness Stabilization Agent for Lignin Containing Pulp from Biomass Pyrolysis Oils

A process for producing a brightness stabilization mixture of water-soluble organic compounds from biomass pyrolysis oils comprising:a) size-reducing biomass material and pyrolyzing the size-reduced biomass material in a fluidized bed reactor;b) separating a char/ash component while maintaining char-pot temperatures to avoid condensation of pyrolysis vapors;c) condensing pyrolysis gases and vapors, and recovering pyrolysis oils by mixing the oils with acetone to obtain an oil-acetone mixture;d) evaporating acetone and recovering pyrolysis oils;e) extracting the pyrolysis oils with water to obtain a water extract;f) slurrying the water extract with carbon while stirring, and filtering the slurry to obtain a colorless filtrate;g) cooling the solution and stabilizing the solution against thermally-induced gelling and solidification by extraction with ethyl acetate to form an aqueous phase lower layer and an organic phase upper layer;h) discarding the upper organic layer and extracting the aqueous layer with ethyl acetate, and discarding the ethyl acetate fraction to obtain a brown-colored solution not susceptible to gelling or solidification upon heating;i) heating the solution to distill off water and other light components and concentrating a bottoms fraction comprising hydroxyacetaldehyde and other non-volatile components having high boiling points; andj) decolorizing the stabilized brown solution with activated carbon to obtain a colorless solution.

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