New Manufacturing Devices for Improved Fiber Optic Assemblies (GSC-13644)

Fixture for Adhesive Curing in Open-Cell Ovens This device holds a termination and optical fiber firmly in place during elevated temperature epoxy bonding in an open-cell oven. Until adhesives are fully cured,terminations must not move or slip from their position on the fiber. When inserted into an oven cell, the fixture centers and controls the depth of the fiber optic assembly within the cell cavity. The fixture also can be used to hold thermocouples, allowing them to provide more accurate cell temperature readings. The device is particularly useful in the assembly of ¿pigtail¿ component terminations that cannot be held or crimped on the fiber before curing. In some applications, this fixture can be used in conjunction with the bubble-reduction device to reduce component scrap. GSFC¿s new technology replaces cumbersome racks, stands, and tapes traditionally used to hold assemblies together.

Fixture for Optical Fiber Connector Polishing When retrofitted on a connector polishing machine, this device controls and allows adjustment of the connector¿s apex offset - that is, the difference between the apex of the spherical polish and the center of the fiber core. Controlling apex offset to less than 50 µm helps improve fiber-to-fiber contact, reduces insertion loss, and reduces reflectance over the operating environment. GSFC¿s fixture holds the connector perpendicular to the machine¿s polishing surface. A fixture alignment capability allows for apex offset adjustment, which is measured on an interferometer. GSFC¿s device allows users to adjust apex offset in response to manufacturing variables that create ¿out-of-spec¿ conditions, a feature not available in today¿s polishing machines.

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