Optimized Image Compression (DCTune) (ARC-12015)

The DCTune technology represents a fundamental improvement on existing optimization techniques known as Quantization. Quantization selectively increases or decreases the amount of information used to render a picture. The image compression uses a DCT and each DCT coefficient yielded by the transform is quantized by an entry in a quantization matrix which determines the perceived image quality and the bit rate of the image being compressed. The invention adapts or customizes the quantization matrix to the image being com-pressed. The quantization matrix comprises visual masking by luminance and contrast techniques. It also uses an error pooling technique. These techniques result in a minimum perceptual error for any given bit rate, or minimum bit rate for a given perceptual error. This selective allocation is based on the anticipated sensitivity of the human eye to the target portion of the image. If the eye is sensitive to the targeted portion then more picture information will be used.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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