Manufacturing of Acridity-free Raw Flour from Araceae Tubers

Description A method of removing acridity from Araceae (taro) tubers without cooking has been developed. Acridity can cause irritation upon consumption if the taro is not properly prepared. The process involves the use of mechanical forces and soaking to remove acridity substances. A raw flour is produced which is suitable for a wide range of food applications.

Applications Araceae flours have very small particle sizes thus they can make products which are easily digestible. These products include baby foods, cookies, frozen dessert, noodles and other food products which could be consumed by ingredient-sensitive individuals.

Main Advantages Production of acridity-free raw flour, without cooking, makes it more suitable than precooked flour for certain food applications. The process is energy-efficient because it does not include high temperature cooking, which also makes drying and finish grinding easier.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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