Cleanup of Agricultural Wastewater

Description A new way has been developed to treat waste water from agricultural operations such as concentrated animal feeding operations ( CAFOs ). The system reduces pollutants arising from lagoons of dairy and swine manures and other agricultural operations generating waste water. The system uses local materials such as soil and organic materials in a way that enhances the natural cleansing properties of soils. The system is particularly effective in removing phosphorus, nitrogen, and coliform bacteria, while reducing COD and BOD. Some studies suggest pesticides and endocrine disrupting compounds are also reduced.

Applications Low cost treatment of agricultural wastewater to reduce pollutants such as phosphorus, nitrogen, high COD, and coliform bacteria. Main Advantages Low cost, scalable from small herd-size operations to large concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs). Minimal maintenance requirements. Suitable for on-site treatment of wastes as long as AC power and fresh water are available. Estimated 10-year duration, whereupon the units can serve as potting media.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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