Generation of Free Radicals and Oxidative Destruction of Organic Chemicals and Bacterial Disinfections by Using Zero Valent Iron and Other Metals

Description UH researchers have discovered a creative use of zero valent iron and/or other metals to generate reactive oxygen species and undergo subsequent oxidation reactions to destroy organic chemicals and disinfects bacteria. This new technology is based on the oxidation mechanism mediated by zero valent iron or other metals, rather than commonly used reduction mechanism. The reaction mechanisms can be readily controlled and standardized for various applications. Applications of this technology have been demonstrated in a wide range of industrial effluents and domestic wastewater treatments for efficient pollutant mineralization and bacterial disinfection. In addition, this technology can be used in analytical chemistry to measure carbohydrate and vitamin contents in fruits, juices, soft drinks and formulated drugs.

Applications Wastewater treatment of pesticides effluents Domestic wastewater treatment Treatment of petroleum industry effluents Treatment of paper industry wastewater effluents Disinfections of water polluted by bacteria Treatment of food industry wastewater Hospital wastewater treatment Remediation of chemically-contaminated sites Analytical methodologies for quality control of carbohydrates in fruits and juices Analytical methodologies for quality control of formulated drugs Main Advantages Economical Versatile Wide applications Efficient mineralization of organic pollutants Efficient bacterial disinfection

Type of Offer: Licensing

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