Radiant Temperature Nulling Radiometer ()

NASA Stennis Space Center has developed a low-power radiant temperature nulling radiometer with unique self-calibrating design features to improve the accuracy, resolution, and operation cost of standard infrared (IR) radiometers. Unlike current IR radiometers, this technology removes any drifts or offset gains that can affect the calibration of the instrument, using only one black body source for calibration. This feature helps to improve accuracy. NASA Stennis¿ advanced IR radiometer also reduces emissivity errors by removing non-source radiation from the measurement, further improving accuracy. NASA Stennis¿ radiant temperature nulling radiometer can be used in temperature measurement applications in the long-wave infrared, (LWIR) 8- to 12-micron region. In addition, this technology can be integrated easily into existing IR radiometers. Benefits include: Easy to use -- Small, noncontact temperature measurement, high accuracy and resolution -- Thermal accuracy better than 0.1 Kelvin with resolution of several mill Kelvin self-calibrating -- Single black body calibration that allows for correction of offsets and gains efficient -- Low-power, non-cooled operation.

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