Soft Side Air Displacement Volumometer (MSC-22653)

The Soft Side Air Displacement Volumometer is a dev ice and a method to measure the volume of a person¿s body, limb, or other solid object. Using a soft-sided bag, air injector, pressure transducer, and recording device, a number of steps are completed to measure the pressure of the bag with and without the subject. The volume of the subject is then calculated using the pressure measurements. The volumometer may easily be used in hospitals, medical offices, health clubs, and space flights. The advantages of this invention include its accuracy, portability, and low cost. The bag can be collapsed or folded into a relatively small volume for ease of storage and portability. These characteristics and the lightweight of the invention allow it to be used in a variety of situations involving bedridden or immobile patients as well as astronauts. Benefits include but are not limited to: Portability, numerous locations can be serviced with one volumometer, allowing for the purchase of fewer measuring devices. Accuracy, high accuracy allows for precise body volume and subsequent body fat measurements. Low Cost, the low cost of the volumometer allows organizations with small budgets or restricted funds to purchase a body volume measurement device. Construction, the soft-sided air construction of the invention allows for frail and hydrophobic individuals to use the volumometer without pain or fear.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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