Infrared Communication System (MFS-31331)

The MSFC transceiver was developed to serve as a data-communication link between the RS-232-stan-dard serial communication port of a PC running Microsoft Windows and a remote infrared transceiver that can operate at a baud rate greater than or equal to 4 MHz. The PC-to-transceiver communication is 115.2 kilobits per second, and the infrared communication is 4 megabits per second.

The transceiver includes a commercial, off-the-shelf infrared transceiver module designed according to Infrared Data Association (IrDA) standards, which were developed to promote compatibility among infrared networks for television receivers, computers, and other household devices. The original application for the transceiver requires small physical size and the flexibility to change the PC baud rate and the sizes of transmitted data blocks. To satisfy these requirements, a programmable logic device (PLD) is included and is programmed with VHDL (very-high-speed, integrated-circuit hardware description language) to implement the data link protocol between the RS-232 and 4Mbit/s infrared transceiver.

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