Writers Interact on the WebTM

Description A web server-based program that facilitates collaborative work by enabling users to read and critique fully-formatted word processing documents over the internet using a standard web browser. Through access control systems and a SQL database interface, users are given access to certain documents and only see the comments they make; document authors, administrators and executives can see all the comments in a document and can set-up and dissolve collaborative groups at will.

System Requirements Server: Microsoft Internet Information Server, SQL Database Users: Ability to run a Java-script capable web browser Applications Internet-based corporate collaborative document preparation teams Primary, secondary, and higher education institutions (writing-intensive courses) Institutions teaching English as a second language Individuals in collaborative learning environments Main Advantages Writers Interact on the Web includes several features to enhance the document preparation and editing process, including the framework for an on-line handbook that users can modify and link to their own comments, a module to monitor the work of editors, and "reminder" windows that administrators can activate at various points to suggest what to look for when editing or critiquing an document. Writers Interact on the Web also allows for essays to be created in Microsoft WordTM or Word PerfectTM.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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