Fluorescent Boron Difluoride Diketone Polymers

Fluorescence technology is an integral part of new scientific assays and imaging methods in addition to its omnipresence in our everyday lives. The inventors have designed a novel polymer that coordinates boron difluoride with diketone ligands which results in a highly fluorescent compound. The applications of this technology are virtually limitless and are unique in that the polymer has high quantum yields in the 400-550 nm range. Furthermore, this innovative polymer acts as a chromophore that is sensitive to solvent polarity and can therefore be useful as probes of local environments. In addition to the solvatochromic utility of this unique material are applications including but not limited to:

1. Fluorescent paint for safety applications, painting exit signs, airplane safety signs, any application that requires some guidance if power fails 2. The polymers can be woven into textiles for firefighting, emergency personnel, sportswear or essentially anything requiring night or obscured lighting visibility 3. Incorporation of the polymer into glow in the dark toys and novelty items 4. Fluorescent paint for signs, markings on machinery, other heavy industrial uses 5. Bioimaging agents and tracers 6. Laser dyes

This blue fluorescing compound is especially desirable as many existing fluorophores emit in either the green, yellow or red spectrum. Moreover, the biocompatibility and wide range of uses for this polymeric compound make it a potential staple of the future of fluorescence technology.

Inventor(s): Fraser

Type of Offer: Licensing

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