Improved Aneurysm Clips and Improved Aneurysm Clip Applicators

Cerebral Aneurysm Clips

Prior art aneurysm clips are fabricated of metal (usually a cobalt metal alloy of steel or titanium). These metallic clips limit the usefulness of non-invasive imaging, i.e. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Computed Tomography Angiography (CTA) for patients that have been implanted with the prior art clips.

Dartmouth inventors have designed and tested a non-metallic variation of an aneurysm clip that retains the spring portion of the clip as metal, but which utilizes non-metallic legs. Tests indicate that the Dartmouth aneurysm clip matches the physical properties associated with prior art metallic clips (i.e., closing force and slippage were determined to be within the same range). Moreover, preliminary testing shows diminished CTA image artifacts with the Dartmouth aneurysm clip so that post-operative patients should be able to have increased benefits from CTA.

Aneurysm Clip Applicators

During placement of an aneurysm clip, an aneurysm clip applicator is used to increase the reach of a physician and to provide leverage on the clip. An aneurysm clip applicator typically contains two pieces of metal that intertwine and act as a locking mechanism to maintain the applicator in a “closed” position, and the aneurysm clip in an “open” position, until the clip is correctly positioned. In order to close the aneurysm clip, it is necessary for the surgeon to disengage the locking components of the applicator. Since the placement of a clip requires considerable precision, this extra action is undesirable and many surgeons disable the lock for this reason.

Dartmouth inventors have created an aneurysm clip applicator having an electromagnetic locking mechanism and a damping feature. The Dartmouth applicator provides for proper and careful placement of an aneurysm clip at the flip of a switch.

These technologies are claimed in the published United States Patent Application No. 11/475,425. We are seeking an industrial partner interested in their licensing and commercialization. (Ref: J309, J351)

Type of Offer: Licensing

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