Self-Injurious Behavior Inhibiting System

An apparatus for preventing self-injurious behavior in patients is disclosed. The apparatus generally contains one or more sensor modules, which detect self-injurious blows, and a separate stimulation module, which produces an aversive electric stimulation. The sensor module and stimulation module are mounted directly on a patient's body members, e.g., a sensor module can be mounted on a headband worn around the patient's head and the stimulation module can be mounted on an arm band worn around the patient's arm. The sensor module communicates with the stimulation module by either: (1) transmitting radio waves, which are received by the stimulation module, or (2) sending a small alternating electrical signal through the patient's body, which is detected by electrodes in the stimulation module. In operation, a sensor module detects a blow to the sensed body member and sends a signal to the stimulation module which in turn generates a controlled electrical current for aversive stimulation.

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