Variable Angle Linear Slot Scanning Digital X-ray Device

This new, multipurpose device allows a greater number of radiologic studies from a single machine. In addition to the functionality of conventional digital x-ray and tomography machines, the linear slot scanning feature of this unique device will also allow full body x-ray scans, x-ray scans of specific areas, and angled x-ray scans.

Angled x-ray scans of areas of interest can be achieved in an axial, lateral, or axiolateral orientation up to 45 degrees from perpendicular, in any direction across the image receptor surface, allowing much greater flexibility in anatomic positioning during procedures. Inherent to its variable angle linear slot scanning function, the device willalso be able to perform various pantomography (panoramic radiography) studies previously unachievable by current technology. Since the patient need not be moved to perform the various functions of the device, it allows the operator, based on visualizing consecutive studies, to accurately pinpoint anatomy to be studied with its other functions. During a scan the device has the ability to simultaneously record the image and the scatter separately allowing the operator post study to view, level, and window these images separately, or window and level them separately on the same image. While this design provides the same amount of radiation exposure to the patient using its conventional digital x-ray and tomography functions, it provides significantly less radiation exposure using its advanced functions. This device also allows visualization of anatomy only currently accomplished by computed tomography (CT) at a significantly reduced level of radiation exposure to the patient.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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