A Portable Rapidly Erectable Discone Antenna

Technology Status: United States Patent 5,608,416 --- Champion, et al.March 4, 1997 Market Need: This invention is lightweight, portable, quickly assembled, wideband, discone antenna for high-frequency ground wave communication. The disk portion of the antenna is formed of telescoping spokes, and the cone portion is formed of separate retractable wire elements. Disassembled, the antenna can be carried in a backpack. It can be assembled in less than ten minutes to achieve non-fading, none-line-of-sight communication.

Product Description: The present invention is a portable, rapidly erectable and easy to disassemble discone antenna for use in wide band, high frequency ground wave communication. This invention is an antenna wherein the conducting elements form a disc atop the small end of a cone with the plane of the disk perpendicular to the axis of the cone. The disc portion of the discone antenna has the aspect of a spoked wheel and is made of a plurality of telescoping linear elements each connected at its proximal end to a central hub. The linear elements are electrically tied together by attaching each element distal end to a wire formed into a circle. The connections to the hub and to the circular wire are detachable. The cone portion of the discone antenna is made of a plurality of flexible wires connected at their proximal ends to the central hub and at their distal ends to the ground. A main feature of the invention is that the cone elements also serve as the support or guying means for the antenna. The connections to the hub and to the ground are detachable. The cone elements are connected to the ground in such a fashion that they are electrically isolated from the ground. The central hub is supported by a mast. The disc portion and the cone portion of the central hub are electrically isolated from each other and from the mast. The antenna is connected to a transceiver by a coaxial cable with the center wire connected to the disc portion and the outer conductor connected to the cone portion.

Patent Status: U.S. patent(s) 5,608,416 issued.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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