Expendable Beam Transmissiometer

This invention meets the needs of those expressing an interest in inexpensive sensor measuring tools for the measurement of water quality, clarity and environmental ground truth measurements in support of field experiments. The sensor can be launched using any of the three inch signal ejectors and will float to the surface where the probe is then released and begins “profiling” the water. This novel invention provides an unmatched combination of performance, miniaturization (in volume and weight), minimal cost, and reduced power dissipation. It is the first transmissometer that is truly expendable, meaning that it has a small footprint, is reproducible in large quantities at a relatively low costs (less than $1.5k per unit) and can be self-powered (e.g. battery, capacitor) for its operational lifetime. In addition, it delivers scientific-grade performance by providing improved accuracy capability over other “industry standard” instruments.

The invention consists of an expendable beam transmissometer, built to measure optical transmissivity of water in the blue-green region of the light spectrum. This sensor can be launched from with a modified laptop computer. It can also be used in any line of expendable probe launching systems for surface ships and aircraft. The sensor, when deployed has a depth range of approximately 1000 feet. It provides scientific grade optical transmission measurements and can be used to support a broad range of operations including environmental characterization, diver safety, ocean visibility estimation, etc. Available for Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Licensing

US 7,068,362

Type of Offer: Licensing

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