Method for Adaptable, Distributed and Synchronized Signal Observation

Due to the overwhelming demand for consumer wireless communications, the Chairman of the FCC recently announced a new spectral deregulation policy creating a market for secondary allocation of the current commercial radio spectrum. This APL invention is a system intended for signal observation in multiple dimensions (time, frequency, space, etc.) to determine occupancy and availability of those waveform resources.

Essentially, the APL system first enables a licensee to characterize the conditions and degree to which any of this unused pre-assigned spectra can be sub-licensed with high temporal, spatial, and spectral fidelity. Once the spectrum is sublet, the system can help negotiate enforcement by repeatedly characterizing the shared spectra. The APL invention functions by scanning the frequency spectrum much more quickly than current spectrum analyzers because some of its modes allow it to defer analysis. That frees up the APL system’s resources to concentrate on high-speed, high-resolution observation. The APL system is unlike other systems in that it is modular allowing for changing the number and types of receivers for different applications while the software adjusts for the various configurations. Perhaps the most important feature of the APL system is the capability to synchronize multiple units via a GPS system so that all units start and stop at precisely the same time with microsecond accuracy. This feature is valuable for characterizing a geographical region, such as a city, where multiple units are used within the region to obtain an accurate picture of the availability of the frequencies. The APL invention described here can be licensed to companies that conduct spectrum measurements for wireless telecommunications service providers. This system is also applicable for enforcement of spectrum allocations and adaptable occupancy protocol development. This APL invention is also a good low cost system that can be used for signal and measurement intelligence.

Patent Status: U.S. patent(s) 7317765 issued.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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