Media Access Control (MAC) Protocol for neXt Generation (XG) Radio System

This technology allows multiple radios to sense the radio frequency (RF) spectrum in order to determine the frequency, and other dimensional parameters, to be used for transmitting signals between the nodes. When a user of an XG radio requests to make a transmission to another XG radio, the protocol uses statistics of frequency occupancy, allowing a radio to make use of frequency agility to find a frequency bin and to transmit in it if no other emitting source is occupying it and none is expected within some time duration based upon a recently observed history of activity in the bin.

Potential uses of this technology, even in the absence of spectrum deregulation, would be to employ in a fixed band to allow secondary access. For example, a mobile cellular provider may wish to permit a secondary lessee to simultaneously use its band, under the condition that customers of the mobile cellular company are not interfered with. This could also be applied to broadcast bands (TV and radio). Finally, the XG MAC could be employed in unlicensed spectrum bands such as the ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) band where it could co-exist with the IEEE802.11b standard.

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