Remotely Directed Vehicle Inspection System

Personnel operating check points, border crossings, toll barriers, parking garages, traffic stops and others are subject to many different types of hazards. They include explosives, drugs, weapons, chemical, biological and radiological agents, smugglers, contraband and others. A method is needed to require the occupants of the vehicle to be remotely directed to examine the vehicle while the security officer is at a safe distance.

A researcher at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory has developed a system to inspect a vehicle from a safe distance. The system contains a sensing station which is a hand held portable unit to be used by the occupants of the vehicle and a remote readout panel which is remotely located in the checkpoint. The security officer directs the occupant to use the hand held unit in a thorough inspection of the vehicle. The hand held unit contains a video camera, remote controlled lighting, microphone, and speaker. It can also contain chemical, biological and radiological sensors. The hand held unit has built in physiological sensors such as pulse oximetry or galvanic skin response built into the handle allowing covert sensing of the user's stress level. The security officer located a safe distance away can monitor all the above mentioned parameters and determine if the vehicle is safe to continue through the checkpoint.

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