Moving Belt Metal Detector

For efficient and fast detection of landmines and unexploded ordanance (UXO0, metal detectors are sometimes mounted to vehicles. Typically, the vehicle mounted metal detector is used to clear road and paths for advancing troops or to clear bombing range for military base cleanups. The military base cleanup effort by itself is estimated to cost $200 billion over the next 300 years just in the US using conventional metal detection and clearing technology. Conventional metal detectors that are mounted to vehicles all have one thing in common: they use electromagnetic induction (EMI) coil metal detectors fixed in place on the vehicle. The metal detectors are fixed in place on, under or behind the vehicle. Vehicle-mounted metal detectors to date have just used modified handheld metal detection technology.

The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory's invention related to a metal detector that is ideally suited to a moving vehicle application or other moving platform. The Moving Belt Metal Detector (MBMD) is an array of individual EMI coil metal detectors mounted to or part of or embedded into a flexible track or flexible belt. The metal detectors are connected via a transmitter and receiver bus arrangement that connects the power and signals of the metal detector to the vehicle via a communication system. A number of different implementations are possible.

US 7,132,943

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