Apparatus for Winding Wire Onto an Arbor

The invention is a wire-winding apparatus for winding wire about an arbor having a straight or curved center line and having either a circular or nearly circular cross-section. The wire-winding apparatus includes a frame having two parallel spaced-apart triangular shaped ends, a spool holder disposed between the frame ends for holding at least one spool of wire, a wire straightening device disposed between the frame ends for straightening the wire as it comes off the spool, wire-laying apparatus disposed between the frame ends having three wheels with flanges for helically laying the wire onto the arbor whereby each turn of the wire is wound nearly perpendicular to the center line of the arbor and an arbor engagement device attached to the frame for engaging the arbor and causing the wire-winding apparatus to remain in intimate rotational contact with the arbor. The wire-winding apparatus also includes a center of gravity adjustment device for adjustably controlling the location of the center of gravity of the wire-winding apparatus and a rotary slip clutch mechanism for adjustably applying friction to the spool holder causing an adjustable tension in the wire. The rotary slip clutch mechanism includes a retract spring for causing the spool holder to rotate counter to the direction of payoff one-half of one full revolution retracting wire previously laid onto the arbor, thereby minimizing entanglements caused by loose turns of wire.

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