Electron Density Storage Device and Method Using STM

An apparatus and method were developed that permit the transmission of secure communications. The invention uses quantum mechanical effects to establish nonlocal correlations between a pair of photons. This is analogous to an automatic encryption code that exists at only one location and is immediately destroyed after either of the photons is detected. This latter feature also provides a means for detecting any unauthorized tap on the transmission line. The invention is a method and device providing very high-density information storage on an organometallic charge transfer data storage medium. The medium is switched from one state to another through the application of an electric field to the medium by the probe tip of a scanning tunneling microscope resulting in an observable change in the electron density of the surface of the medium. A STM tip is used to write, read, and erase data via the organometallic charge transfer medium (e.g. TCNQ, or derivatives thereof).

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