Rechargeable Shoe

The invention comprises a means for generating energy while walking or running for storage in a rechargeable battery. One embodiment uses lever arm movement in the heel of a shoe resulting from normal walking or running to generate energy from a built-in generator. The linear or rotational motion of the lever arm engages the circular gear assembly and turns the generator/motor/turbine, thus generating power. The second embodiment uses fluid reservoirs embedded in the shoes. Pressure changes resulting from normal walking or running moves the fluid through a narrow channel connecting two reservoirs, thus generating power by rotating a flywheel and an attached motor/generator/turbine in the middle of the channel. Secondary (rechargeable batteries are incorporated into the invention either in an integrated form or as an add-on design. Additional features include a digital diagnostic data output, which would serve as a "fuel gauge" for the secondary batteries, and a smart charging circuit that efficiently controls battery charging from a generator output that varies with step rate and force.

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