Efficient Ultra Low Voltage Regulation Electronics

Rad-hard Ultra Low Power (ULP) flight components operate at voltages as low as 0.5VDC, significantly reducing system dynamic power losses which are proportional to power supply voltage squared. Dedicated power conditioning electronics for ULP based spacecraft systems and instruments must provide regulated output voltages as low as 0.5vdc without forfeiting significant portions of the ULP based power savings.

The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHUAPL) is developing two space-qualified power-conditioning circuits that efficiently generate ultra-low voltage outputs: 1) A radiation-hard by design ASIC based flyback converter that produces multiple output voltages as low as 0.5VDC from a logic level input. The PWM and the synchronous rectification controller are housed within the ASIC, and 2) A hybrid buck-mode switching mode regulator (SMR) that produces a single output as low as 0.5VDC from a logic level input. All ULP power conditioning components are housed in a single package. Prototype units of the ULP flyback converter and SMR electronics will be fabricated and subjected to flight electronics evaluation.

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