"CellStructs"; Hollow Polymer Spheres Used to Form Solid Structure

The present invention provides a structure that includes a plurality of cells of a cured resinous material. Each cell is joined to at least one other cell.

Additionally, the present invention provides a method of forming a structure. According to the method, a plurality of individual cells are formed. Each cell includes a mass of uncured resin. Some of the cells are contacted with others. The resin is cured.

Furthermore, the present invention provides an apparatus for creating a structure that includes a plurality of cells of cured resinous material. The apparatus includes a plurality of resin flow apertures arranged to permit cells formed at one aperture to contact cells formed at directly adjacent apertures. The apparatus also includes a resin flow control member arranged in each resin flow aperture and operable to control a flow of resin from the resin flow apertures.

Still other objects and advantages of the present invention will become readily apparent by those skilled in the art from a review of the following detailed description. The detailed description shows and describes preferred embodiments of the present invention, simply by way of illustration of the best mode contemplated of carrying out the present invention. As will be realized, the present invention is capable of other and different embodiments and its several details are capable of modifications in various obvious respects, without departing from the invention. Accordingly, the drawings and description are illustrative in nature and not restrictive.

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