Telescoping Wind Turbine Buoy for Electrical Power Generation

The use of alternative renewable energy sources of electrical power is critical in the US and world. Environmental pressure not to use fossil fuel and nuclear energy are some of the leading caused for the current power shortages. Wind power has been demonstrated to have the capacity to produce 1000's of megawatts of power through out the world. The use of windmills on sore has the disadvantages of being visible and there fore causing visual pollution, and is less efficient than wind power offshore. Off shore deployment faces serious problems with foundations environmental factors and service.

The researchers at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory have developed a technology to deploy offshore wind turbines in medium and deep-water locations. The Retractable Spar Buoy concept used for navigation buoys and drilling platforms has been combined with wind powered electrical turbines. This combination is manufactured on shore and transported to the final location on a large workboat or barge. It is then dropped into the water and using the unique retraction method is telescoped both down and up to the final configuration. At that point a simple attachment cable to the sea floor is connected. The under sea electrical connections are made to the power gird and the unit is ready to generate electricity. For maintenance and servicing of the generator or buoy the telescoping mechanism is retracted allowing for repairs to be made on the workboat. This inexpensive method of deployment can be used on generators from 300kw to 2mw.

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