Strain Rate Sensitive Flexible Armor with Laminated Composite Elements

Current soft armor must have ceramic plates inserted to protect against high velocity projectiles such as AK-47 bullets. This armor is bulky and does not allow ease of movement. The ideal body amour of the future will be lightweight and flexible, able to accommodate a wearer's movement, but also extremely rigid and stiff enough to stop bullets.

These opposing traits have finally been realized in the JHU/APL invention which provides a lightweight, flexible solution. Our technology combines discrete, unbreakable and impenetrable ceramic composite inserts with a "smart" polymer that not only keeps the discs strategically associated for flexibility and maximum coverage during maneuvers, but also actively adjusts the overall stiffness and rigidity in response to current conditions. The strain rate sensitive material—smart polymer—is very compliant during low strain rates experienced during usual body movement and becomes very stiff with high strain rates experienced during ballistic impact. The design results in a flexible, lightweight body armor able to defeat an AK-47 bullet.

US 7,413,809   [MORE INFO]
US 7,261,945

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