Three-Position Heavy Object Lift Handle for Two-Person Use

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, lifting heavy objects is one of the leading causes of injuries in the workplace. In 2001, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported that over 36% of injuries involving missed workdays were the result of shoulder and back injuries. Overexertion and cumulative trauma were the biggest factors in these injuries. Heavy equipment is generally supplied with only one lifting handle per side. This type of lifting mechanism doesn't take into account varying heights of individuals and improper positioning can cause strain to the lifter.

Researchers at The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory have proposed a three-position heavy object lift handle that when used by two people can greatly reduce the injuries due to heavy lifting. Three separate grips are strategically located to minimize back strain when heavy objects are lifted from the floor to a position about waist height. This system accounts for persons of varying heights and arm lengths.

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