Accumulator Cap Collar

Moving any gas accumulator under high pressure is dangerous, however, it is sometimes a requirement of the job. Many of the accumulators offered today do not provide a method to protect the valve body. The valve is the weak point on the accumulator. If the valve body is hit hard enough to cause it to shear off while under pressure, the results can be catastrophic.

The Researchers at The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory have invented an accumulator cap collar which will allow the use of a commercial off the shelf (COTS) cylinder cap to protect the valve. This part is designed to allow a cylinder cap to be attached to a high-pressure bottle. The cap is designed to fit around the throat of the bottle and flush to the contour of the top of an accumulator. The collar is held in place by an epoxy bond. A COTS cylinder cap is then placed over the top of the collar. Flats are designed on the side of the collar for a pipe wrench so that if the bond should break while the cylinder cap is attached a pipe wrench can be put on the flats to assist in removing the cap.

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