Physics-based Modeling of Acoustic Reverberation

A system and method for predicting active, low-frequency sonar array performance in shallow, littoral waters using a physics-based modeling of acoustic reverberation. An operator characterizes the active sonar's acoustic transmitter and receiver, the environment it is operating in and the targets to be detected. The operator selects appropriate bathymetry, bottom composition and sound-speed profile. The spatial resolution of the bathymetry database is enhanced using fractal interpolation and a bottom-loss-and-scattering corrected-for-slope is calculated. A semi-empirical scattering strength is derived from a wind-speed data base and a stochastic biologic realization is derived from a biologic population database. These are then used to calculate a deterministic component of bottom, surface and volume reverberation using a normal mode mathematical model of acoustic wave propagation. A stochastic realization of clutter is calculated using a Generalized Gamma distribution database, and combined with the deterministic components of reverberation.

US 700,287   [MORE INFO]

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