Low Power / high sensitivity CMOS circuits to be used to build Sensors

Solution / invention summary :
7 inventions all related to developing very low power CMOS integrated circuits. These inventions involve simple novel designs allowing the CMOS circuits to operate with very weak currents (in some cases with no current) in a nano-Ampere range or sub-nA range (1 nA or below).

Advantages / benefits :
- Circuits dissipating very low-power (mW to nW);
- High sensitivity over a very wide dynamic range;
- Simple structures requiring small silicon space (a few microns per side);
- Easy implementation using standard digital CMOS fabrication technology;
- Digital circuits with zero electrical supply (one of the inventions).

Potential applications :
Many types of sensors and imaging applications using low cost CMOS technology, such as in large TV screens

Licensing opportunity :
Licenses available to companies that sell high performance sensors or video digital processing technology.

US 6,417,702
US 6,583,670

Inventor(s): Chunyan Wang, Ph.D.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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