Continuous Transform Method for Wavelets

The need for reliable and efficient image processing has increased dramatically, particularly in the area of transmission of video, television signals, and other large-size data files. While wide-band Internet connections make it easier to transmit such information over a network, it is still a goal of developers to reduce the amount of bandwidth required to reliably conduct such transmissions.

The present invention is a method and system for mapping the flow data that will be the subject of wavelet transform equations to a system comprising adders, subtractors, multipliers and/or dividers to perform the mathematical functions set forth in the particular wavelet transform. A shift register is utilized to continually flow the individual data bytes of the data file being processed through the system. By mapping these hardware components to perform the computations involved in wavelet transform equations, an entire data file (e.g., a digital image) can be processed serially as it flows through the shift register triggered by a clock pulse to the shift register. This eliminates the need for process computers and storage for conducting the multiple read-process-write steps required of prior art wavelet transform processors.

US 7,352,906

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