Electrothermally Driven MEMS Microrippers with Integrated Dual-A


Intelligent manipulation (e.g., grasping/gripping) of micro- and nanometer-sized objects requires the use of miniaturized micro grippers with integrated force sensors. Currently, mirco- and nano manipulation relies purely on visual feedback either from an optical microscope or an electron microscope. The lack of force feedback at the microNewton and nanoNewton level severely limits intelligent micro- and nano manipulation.


Our MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) based intelligent microgrippers are capable of grasping micro and nano objects of a large range of sizes and sensing forces down to nanoNewton along two axes.

Besides miniaturization and electrical control, our microgrippers provide multi-axis force feedback to offer the following advantages:

1. To protect the microgripper and detect the contact between the microgripper and the object to be manipulated.

2. To provide gripping force feedback during grasping, and

3. To obtain secured grasping while protecting the object to be grasped.

Patent Status

A PCT patent application was filed in June 2007 with a priority date of June 2006.

Business Opportunity

The Innovations Group is seeking licensees to commercialize this technology as well as companies to distribute these high performance intelligent microgrippers.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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