MEMS-based Nanomanipulators/ Nanopositioners


Researchers in nanotechnology require manipulators with a nanometer positioning resolution, micrometer motion range, high repeatability, and large force output (i.e. payload driving capability). Current manipulators are often too large for applications inside SEM (scanning electron microscope) or TEM (transmission electron microscope). They also have inherent hysteresis and creep resulting in significant open-loop positioning errors requiring sophisticated compensation control algorithms.


We offer a MEMS-based nanomanipulator with sub-nanometer motion resolution and milli Newton force output for manipulation or positioning purposes. The advantages include small size, low cost, closed-loop operation, high motion resolution, large force output and multi-axis positioning.

Patent Status

A PCT patent application was filed in June 2007 with priority date of June 2006.

Business Opportunity

The Innovations Group University of Toronto is seeking licensees to commercialize this technology as well as companies to distribute these high performance nanomanipulators.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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