Nanocapsules and Ordered Nanocomposite Materials


This platform technology is based on new materials composed of core-shell spherical particles which can be organized in 3-D arrays, melting the shells and leaving the spherical cores suspended in a perfect lattice within a solid or porous matrix. A wide variety of different core/shell ratios can be employed, the materials are inexpensive, and the cores and matrix can be doped with a wide variety of other species.

The particles are of colloidal dimensions and can therefore be used in solution phase as a means of encapsulating a wide variety of species or functional agents.

Fluorescent dyes as dopants can be permanently bleached by laser beams. The resulting “hole” in the fluorescence will register as a “bit” of information providing a memory storage material with Terabit/cm3 storage densities and potential GigaHertz read speeds. The ordered nature of the 3D particle array allows for higher storage density than other optical storage methods, resulting in virtually unlimited storage capacities.

A more straightforward application involves the use of the core-shell materials in a coating which can form superimposed images or encryptions in multiple colours for document anti-counterfeiting.

The porous nanocomposite can be infiltrated with other agents to create a wide array of periodically modulated composite materials. The particles can be created with a gel-type structure which are then employed in for the synthesis of metal nanoparticles. The particles can also be used for delivery of functional species for a wide variety of applications.


This is a platform technology with a variety of applications including:

Documents with coatings containing superimposed encoded data, very difficult to counterfeit and easy to verify High-density 3D memory storage Novel biosensors Photonic crystals Nanoparticle synthesis Agent delivery for industrial, consumer or biotechnology applications Patent Status

Over ten inventions are in our portfolio. This includes issued patents US 5,952,131, US 6,214,500, US 6,325,957, US 6,733,946, US 6,785,214 and related foreign filings. Applications in the US, Japan, Germany, France, and Canada are pending.

Business Opportunity

Currently, we are seeking development partners and licensees of the technology.

US 5,952,131
US 6,214,500
US 6,325,957

Type of Offer: Licensing

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