Method and Apparatus for Determining the Kinetics of Solution Reactions by Mass Spectrometry

The technology involves a novel flow mixing device which can be coupled to electrospray ionization or other ionization sources. Liquids are mixed in a “tee” with low dead volume to initiate a chemical reaction. The tee is connected to the ion source by a reaction capillary. The apparatus is configured such that the reaction time can be determined. This can either be by way of a capillary of known length and volume extending from a reaction tee or other mixing device, so that the reaction time can be determined from the capillary volume and flow rate, andlor by way of a container of fixed volume from which the reactants pass. From the ion source, ions pass into a mass spectrometer, where a mass spectrum is measured. By varying the reaction time, and measuring the different mass spectra, the rate of reaction can be determined Advantages:

Able to monitor reactions on time scales down to 0.1 milliseconds

Provides kinetic and molecular characterization data for solution reactive species

US 6,054,709

Type of Offer: Licensing

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