Tandem Mass Spectrometry Filter with Improved Resolution

Researchers at the University of British Columbia have developed a method of operating a mass spectrometer with multiple mass analysis stages operating in tandem to provide improved resolution. The multiple mass filters can be individually operated at relatively low resolution, yet such that the combined resolution is much greater than the resolution of any individual mass filter. The method thus allows for high resolution to be obtained with the use of lower cost quadrupole mass filters and can compensate for mechanical imperfections in the filters. The concept of the invention is to operate adjacent mass filters in a dependent manner such that the combined function is enhanced as compared to the function available from a single mass filter. The mass filters are operated with an optimum phase shift between the RF applied to the rods which is generally non-zero. The quadrupoles can be operated in a variety of stability regions, and each can be operated in the same or different stability regions. In this way two peaks are offset and combined so as to produce a combined peak with higher resolution. Specifics of the technical aspects of the invention are detailed in the issued US patent. The technology is useful for quadrupole mass spectrometers, including systems for inductively coupled mass spectrometry, triple quadrupole systems and electrospray mass spectrometer systems. Advantages:

Provides high resolution mass filtering by using lower resolution quadrupoles

Allows for greater tolerance in mechanical imperfections of quadrupole mass filters

Potential for lowering system costs

US 6,191,417

Type of Offer: Licensing

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