Novel Synthesis of Indoles


This technology offers two main opportunities. First, it can produce a number of new 2-substituted Indoles that cannot be realized by the Fisher synthesis, and which can be used the starting material to new therapeutic agents. Secondly, it provides a significant improvement over current processes to produce existing therapeutically relevant molecules.. Furthermore, the potential to produce the enantiopure form of drug product by this new methodology is of significant commercial value. The goal would be to create products with both higher efficacy and reduced toxicity. The overall benefits in terms of innovation in drug development could be substantial.

This is a novel synthesis of indoles that is highly efficient and extremely modular wherein the starting compounds are relatively non-toxic, inexpensive and are easily prepared in large quantities. The synthesis allows for the rapid access and the ease of production of diversified indole derivatives. It also provides high yields with the use of minimal catalyst loadings; hence, lowering production costs. This novel synthesis can readily be implemented to produce indoles useful in the pharmaceutical, fragrance, polymer and chemical industries.

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