High Throughput μ-Electro-Discharge Machining

Researchers at the University of British Columbia have developed a novel method for high throughput micro-electro-discharge machining (μEDM). This method eliminates the need for numerical control (NC) machines to control the EDM process and enables parallel micro-machining, dramatically reducing costs and time to machine. The University of British Columbia is seeking partners to co-sponsor further development of this technology and/or to licence the technology on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. Advantages:

High-throughput, scalable, parallel machining of microstructures in any electrical conductor

No need for traditional high cost numerical control machines to control tip

Planar electrodes microfabricated onto workpiece and batch controlled

Electrode fabrication compatible with standard lithography processes

Based on established micro-discharge control technology: pattern size <10 μm and 10-100 nm average surface roughness potentially achievable.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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