Advanced 3D Braiding Machine

The Universal Braiding Control System is a rotary 3-D braiding machine for preparing braided materials from filaments such as fibers, threads, yarns etc. The machine possesses a unique arrangement of the rotary cams to provide for additional degrees of freedom of movement relative to conventional rotary braiders. This allows for smaller incremental movements of the fiber carriers during the braiding process, providing for less torsional strain on the fiber material, as well as the ability to produce shapes and structures that are not readily made using conventional braiding systems. The braiding machine is capable of producing braided structures, including preforms for composites, that have application in a variety of fields including biomaterials, aerospace, automotive, medical devices etc. Advantages:

Production of braided materials with structure and/or shape not readily available by alternative means

Less strain on fibers due to small incremental angular movement allowing for use of ultra-fine or sensitive fibers

3D braiding of large number of shapes including bifurcated structures

Type of Offer: Licensing

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