Inometrix Inc.

Current commercial dispersion measurement equipment is incapable of stable, accurate and low cost characterization of short length optical fibers/waveguides. Technology developed by Michael Galle and his research team at the University of Toronto changes this by introducing not just one but two new dispersion characterization technologies. These new patent pending technologies will be exclusively licensed to an Ontario start-up company (Inometrix Inc.), founded by the Principal Investigator Michael Galle with the help of The Innovations Group (, to commercialize the technology. The core novel and disruptive IP involves single-arm-interferometer technology which allows for the characterization of very low dispersion length (DL) product waveguides/fibers (<10-3 ps/nm) with an accuracy better than 10-4 ps/nm and at a cost less than one-quarter of today’s commercial equipment.

Go-to-Market Strategy:

Either licensing and/or supply of OEM modules via outsourced manufacturing or in partnership with recognized industry receptor(s) to provide a value-added module for their existing mainframe optical equipment as well as a full OEM module. We are strongly encouraged by the interest we have received to date from key end users and industry representatives. Inometrix Inc. has received funding to date from the Ontario Research and Commercialization Fund, Canadian Institute for Photonic Innovations and the Ontario Centres of Excellence.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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