Use of Magnetic Fields to Control Diffusion and Hydrogen Embrittlement in Iron and its Alloys Containing Hydrogen and its Isotopes

The application of magnetic field will cause different magnetostrictive stains in iron (and its alloys including steels) when hydrogen (H) or deuterium (D) or tritium (T) is dissolved in iron lattice compared when no dissolved H, D, or T is present in iron. The resulting differences in the dimensions of the lattice can be used to control diffusion/leakage of atomic species (including hydrogen) through steel.

This technology can be used in the following applications:
1) controlled diffusion/leakage through iron and steel membranes and walls
2) prevention of failure of steel components operating in hydrogen containing environments and thereby avoiding accidents that cost lives and economic loss in many petrochemical, power generation and numerous other environments

Stage of Development
A formal patentability opinion is being considered at this time. This technology is part of an active and ongoing research program. It is available for developmental research support/licensing under either exclusive or non-exclusive terms.

Additional Info

Inventor(s): Daniel Mattis, Sivaraman Guruswamy

Type of Offer: Licensing

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