Ferric Reduction in the treatment of Copper Electro Winning Electrolytes

The use of certain compounds such as hydrogen sulfide, polysulfides, and organics that release thioacetamide can be used to reduce ferric to ferrous ions in copper electrowinning electrolyte. These solutions typically have the following compositions:
Copper-38.0 gpl; Ferric-2.4 gpl; Ferrous- 27.6 gpl; Sulfuric acid- 160.0 gpl
This technology describes conditions from solution chemistry analysis for ferric reduction without the formation of copper and the subsequent recycle of the electrolyte.

The use of this invention would facilitate the preparation of electrolyte for recycle in copper electrowinning plants. In this way, the cost for copper production could be reduced.

Stage of Development
A formal patentability opinion is being considered at this time. This technology is part of an active and ongoing research program. It is available for developmental research support/licensing under either exclusive or non-exclusive terms.

Additional Info

Inventor(s): Jan Miller

Type of Offer: Licensing

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