Online On-Demand Extendable Software Framework for Network Distributed Applications and Data

Current computing work environments require users to log on manually to different servers for secure access to different licensed applications and data. The technologies involved for this purpose are inefficient and cumbersome. This invention relates to a software framework that provides a virtual desktop environment for a user and is extendable on demand. The Java on Demand Application Framework (JODAF) delivers remote applications, data and computing cycles, distributed over the internet via the virtual desktop environment. It is expected to significantly enhance the computing work productivity and efficiency in the future.

This technology will allow the distribution of application tools through the world wide web (WWW). Currently, the WWW is for information distribution only.

Stage of Development
This technology is part of an active and ongoing research program

Additional Info

Inventor(s): Thomas (Tom) Cook, Thanh Truong, Manohar Nayak

Type of Offer: Licensing

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